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Catherina McKiernan

Olympian, European Cross Country Champion, Winner of London, Berlin, & Amsterdam marathons
Current Irish Marathon record holder & Health Essentials User

Catherina McKiernan is regarded as one of the world’s best ever cross country runners. Since her retirement from competitive running in 2004, Catherina has devoted herself to teaching a new generation of runners.

As a ChiRunning instructor with such an impressive international competitive record, Catherina is a sought-after fitness trainer and an expert on the mechanics of safe, injury-free running

Olympian, a European Cross Country champion, a Winner of London, Berlin, and Amsterdam marathons, and the current Irish marathon record holder

Catherina McKiernan

Catherina is also a user of Joint Essentials and says... 

With a little bit of focus, and lots of relaxation you will become a much more efficient runner, with a lot less impact on your body.

Nutrition also plays a key role in fitness and injury prevention. Joint Essentials is now part of my nutritional regime. I recommend these supplements to my students, to anyone undertaking a fitness program, or to those who just want to stay energised and healthy enough to enjoy an active life.

This supplement takes care of the “essentials” for me as a busy, working Mum, with a physically demanding career, who wants to prioritise health, wellness and exercise.

Joint Essentials delivers the collagen and glucosamine I need to maintain supple joints, strong bones and great skin!

Catherina’s one-day Chi Running Workshop, offers an assessment of body position and posture for improved running technique and takes place at various locations around the country. Her 6-week running classes take place in locations around Dublin and surrounding counties, focusing on improved fitness and running technique. Catherina also works directly with businesses and corporations to introduce fitness at work programs. Details of all can be found on Catherina’s website

"A scoop a day keeps the Doctor away"

The Health Essentials range of natural, Irish-made health supplements, has been formulated by a team of Irish nutritional scientists. 

Our products are 100% Irish manufactured. They combine a range of powerful nutrients that help reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack (Heart Essentials), reduce bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol (Cholesterol Essentials), and reduce pain and inflammation (Joint Essentials). Our products are beneficial for busy people, wanting to maintain good health and fight the impacts of aging. 


Health Essentials products are easy to take. Our powder formulations come in a tub with a scoop measure and can be easily added to water, juice, smoothies, yoghurt or sprinkled into food. 

Health Essentials are plant-based food supplements and are sugar-free and free of allergens - suitable for diabetics, coeliacs, vegetarians, and Vegans.  

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