Health Essentials grew from our history and experience in both responsive care and innovation. Our team members have been helping people with nutrition, wellness and weight-loss for 30 years.

In response to evolving needs and technology, we became involved in health screening. Our sister company, Heart Savers, has been administering cardiovascular screening, which can help detect heart disease before it becomes symptomatic, since 2012.

We have always treated people, not just conditions. Through Heart Savers, we deliver test results, referrals and most importantly we provide meaningful advice for a healthier life.

We knew that Health Supplements will benefit our clients, however, finding an effective product in Ireland proved to be a challenge. The products on the market didn’t contain enough of the active ingredients to support heart health. We realised that there was an important need that we could satisfy. With the aim of bringing effective Heart Health Supplements to the people of Ireland, we partnered with a leading laboratory and began extensive research and testing.
From this, our first product, Heart Essentials, was born.

We realised that we had found a winning methodology when it comes to bringing great products to market. Through our close work with our clients, we identified other unmet needs. We then sourced high-quality ingredients and formulated solutions to help. From this dynamic, responsive process came breakthrough brands Cholesterol Essentials and Joint Essentials. Whatever we do comes from a real place, from the lived experience of our clients. We simply use science to serve people.

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