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To support your new fitness regime for the New Year - we've got a fabulous prize to give away to you AND A FRIEND - worth over €400!

You'll each win a hamper of Health Essentials products, worth over €100 (Joint Essentials &  Heart Essentials)

PLUS - you'll each win a voucher to attend a ONE-DAY RUNNING WORKSHOP with Catherina McKiernan - Irish Olympian, European Cross Country champion, Winner of London, Berlin, and Amsterdam marathons, and a fan of our Joint Essentials and Heart Essentials products! www.runwithcatherina.ie.

Catherina McKiernan is regarded as one of the world's best ever cross country runners. Since her retirement from competitive running in 2004, she has devoted herself to teaching a new generation of runners using the renowned Chi Running technique which enables you to run more efficiently, using proper form and posture. You'll run faster and longer, avoiding injury and the frustration that it causes.

These workshops (valued at €130) are ALWAYS sold out!


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Winner will be chosen on January 20th

Catherina's 1 Day Chi Running Workshops, are suitable for runners of all levels - even beginners.

THE WORKSHOP includes video analysis, individual diagnostic and recommendations, training drills, a Q&A section and easy and relaxed runs at a pace to suit the individual.

VIDEO ANALYSIS: At the start of the workshop, Catherina conducts individual video analysis of your running style, allowing her to advise on the key areas that need focus to improve your running form.
DRILLS: A core element of the day focuses on a series of drills and exercises focusing on posture, leaning, heel lift and arm swing. Practice these exercises in everyday life movement, so that they become familiar will easily transfer into your running.
PRACTICE RUNS: During an easy run Catherina mentors the class through each core drill, giving the opportunity to get the feel of running more efficiently and with good mechanics.
ASK AN EXPERT: There are no stupid questions! Catherina is an excellent coach, and she encourages open communication in her workshops. She invites your questions on running, which will benefit the whole class. She covers her FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - about training, diet, footwear, breathing technique etc. and answers any other questions the participants may have.
RECAP: Finish the day with another short run, where Catherina provides one-to-one coaching with each runner to focus on the areas in which they need the most practice.
TAKE HOME CATHERINA'S TOP TIPS: All attendees will take home a follow-up Chi Running reminder package with all top tips included from the workshops

What is Chi Running?

Chi Runners are taught to combine the Tai Chi principles of focus and flow with the power and energy of running. Runners learn to engage the core, align the posture, relax the limbs, and take plentiful, light steps, landing midfoot. By directing your attention to the process of running (form and technique), you'll reduce stress on the body, which will lead to hugely improved running technique with fewer injuries, improved speed, and more pleasurable, relaxing runs.

Why Take Heart Essentials?


Heart Essentials is a unique formulation of nitric oxide, l-arginine, l-citrulline and vitamins and minerals which helps the cardiovascular system works as it should.

Nitric oxide occurs naturally in the body and as we age, nitric oxide depletes by up to 85%. We can, however, replenish through supplementation.

The dosage is entirely safe as we are simply returning to the body what it has lost through ageing; also, as nitric oxide doesn’t travel well, Irish-made Heart Essentials retains potency on its short journey to the consumer. Easy on the stomach, it also has a pleasant citrus berry flavour.

Heart Essentials also contains:
- L-arginine
- L-citrulline
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin D
- Vitamin B6
- Vitamin B12
- Vitamin K2
- Folic acid
- Thiamine

Why Take Joint Essentials?


Joint Essentials, with a pleasant taste of lemonade, contains a wide range of important ingredients to support bone and joint health. This is an original formulation, based on years of research by nutritional scientists which is designed to:

- Maintain connective tissue
- Contribute to the normal function of cartilage
- Contribute to the normal function of bones

To keep everything working as it should, we need a diversity of proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients to interact at a cellular level. That’s why Joint Essentials brings together lots of carefully chosen ingredients, which work separately and together, to support osteo-health in a fuller, more effective way. These include:

- Collagen
- Glucosamine
- Chondroitin
- Vitamin D3, boron, manganese
- Vitamin K
- Copper
- Selection of B vitamins
- Essential trace minerals such as zinc & selenium
- Antioxidants including Vitamin C and E

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Joint Essentials

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Joint Essentials contains a wide range of important ingredients.

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Joint Essentials
Contains a wide range of important ingredients to help support joint health.

Joint Essentials blends quality ingredients, which work effectively together, to help support osteo-health. Ingredients include:

Collagen – Our hero ingredient!  a “complex protein made up of 19 different amino acids such as:

  • Arginine which breaks down into nitric oxide in the body – an important compound for clear arteries and a healthy heart, a robust immune system and healthy circulation.
  • Glutamine which is shown to have produce healthy growth, and enhances mental health, by boosting feelings of calm serenity)
  • Glycine which promotes healthy muscle growth and boosts energy production during workouts
  • Proline which protects the integrity of blood vessels, improves joint health and produces various cardiovascular benefits.

Increasing collagen levels can help your skin look firmer, reduce signs of ageing, minimize cellulite or stretch marks, increase smoothness, and help your skin cells keep renewing and repairing normally. It’s one of the best natural skin care products available!

It reduces Joint Pains and Degeneration caused often caused by a lack of collagen – stiffening our tendons and ligaments and swelling our joints.  Collagen is even an effective treatment for treating osteoarthritis and other joint pain and disorders.

It also “seals and heals” the protective lining of the gastrointestinal tract, reducing inflammation or irritation stemming from an unhealthy gut.
Collagen may boost Metabolism, Muscle Mass and Energy Output by adding lean muscle mass to your frame – crucial as we age since it helps support posture, bone health and burns more calories than fat.

MSMMSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is an organic sulfur compound that’s present in many natural unprocessed foods but usually lost during the cooking process.  It directly impacts longevity and ageing. technologies.

  • Great for skin and complexion – avoid sagging skin and wrinkles for longer as MSM works together with Vitamin C to build new, healthy tissues.  
  • It Improves flexibility in the joints, by restoring the natural lubrication in the tissues
  • Detoxifies the body by encouraging the flow of toxins and metabolic waste products out of the cells, while enabling the same cells to absorb essential nutrients and hydration into the body.
  • Strengthens hair and nails – it’s not known as the “beauty mineral” for nothing! Sulfur is needed to produce collagen and keratin which control the strength and thickness of the hair and nails, which can be noticed in just a couple weeks of consistent use
  • Accelerates healing by increasing the ability of the body to eliminate waste products at the cellular level speeding recovery and creating energy for rebuilding on a cellular level.

Anti-inflammatory- Sulfur needs to be present In order for these toxins and wastes to be removed from the body.
Glucosamine plays a vital role in building cartilage, treating arthritis, osteoarthritis and other painful conditions.
Chondroitin is found naturally in your body and is a vital part of cartilage, giving it elasticity by helping it retain water. Chondroitin can reduce the activity of enzymes and substances that break down collagen in joints
Vitamin D3, boron, manganese – these ingredients are all involved in the absorption of calcium for bone health while Vitamin K contributes to the maintenance of normal bones
Copper – to contribute to the maintenance of normal connective tissues
A selection of B vitamins support the nervous system and energy-yielding metabolism.

Essential trace minerals such as zinc and selenium and antioxidants including Vitamin C and E which help protect the cells from oxidative stress.

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  1. Lindalucas2002 (verified owner)

    I began using Joint essentials after experiencing joint pain & stiffness as a side effect of medication. I have found a huge difference in my symptoms since taking this product & would highly recommend it to anyone with similar symptoms. A simple scoop a day in a glass of water is all it takes- easy to use with a pleasant lemony taste. A great Irish product delivered to your door & staff are only a phone call away to answer any queries or questions you may have. It really is worth a try, I can’t believe the difference & will continue to use it regularly.

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